Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Take your classroom outside and connect with your students to create memories to last a lifetime. 

For Teachers

Activities are hands-on and place-based, so students are not only learning key concepts, but relating it to very specific events of the real world. Whether you call it environmental education, experiential education, outdoor education, hands-on learning, pace-based studies or just camp – our goals are the same.

  • To help you promote the greatest retention of knowledge possible.
  • For students to enjoy learning and become lifelong learners.
  • To give students concrete examples that apply to the classroom learning.
  • To promote sustainable responsible stewardship of the environment and to make environmental decision based on the big picture of our civilization.
  • To help students value themselves, others and their environment.

Teacher Guide

Registration Fees

Full Week


Per Person 

Includes 12 meals beginning with dinner on day of arrival and ending with a sack lunch on day of departure.

Half Week


Per Person 

Includes six meals beginning with dinner on day of arrival and ending with a sack lunch on day of departure.

Trail Rides


Per Person

Includes horse safety and science instruction. Sign up for a trail ride prior to your campers’ session.

Trail Cards